Our commitment to “first, do no harm” is deeply rooted in an understanding of our business as a responsibility. We create only safe products for people who value high effectiveness and reasonable price. Our mission is to empower women by making them feel more beautiful and safe, at any age.


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Our experts of in-house R&D and Quality Control departments are constantly improving formulas for them to be the safest and the most effective possible.

No declarations without hard evidence: we conduct tests in our own laboratory but we also outsource research services from independent third party researchers.

We are fully committed to developing products which are 100% cruelty-free and 100% free from GMO. We utilize ingredients only from verified, fair trade suppliers while maintaining recyclable packaging.



benefits of beauty treatment personalization
The market of cosmetic services is evolving and the demands and awareness in the field of skincare are growing. Beauty professionals' customers expect quick improvement of the condition of the skin, relaxation, expert advice and, above all, an individual approach. They seek cosmetic services tailored to their skincare needs, while meeting their price expectations. A standard approach to the needs and problems of the skin is no longer effective. To meet these expectations and world trends, we have created a modern range of personalized treatments.
Personalization of a treatment is based on an individual approach to each client and the selection of compatible products, taking into account such aspects as:
  • the condition and type of skin
  • customer preferences, time of the year
  • financial conditions
  • the time the customer has at their disposal
We have introduced a new division of professional cosmetics into STAGES which are more transparent and make the management of the salon more economical.
After performing an assessment, it is the professional who creates the treatment ideally suited to the customer’s preferences, choosing appropriate products from each stage.
stages of personalized professional treatment
This modern approach to the client diversifies the treatment offer, allows for better product rotation and the creation of individual treatments.