PRO Care

Pro Care

A line for a comprehensive improvement of the skin exfoliation process, with enzymatic, chemical and mechanical peels as well as a moisturising cream to choose from. Each cosmetic has a different range of activity, indications and properties so that it can be precisely suited to the individual needs of your skin.

Did you know...
Your skin undergoes natural exfoliation every day. But why not improve the process from time to time? Regular exfoliation will give your complexion a radiant, even and healthier look. Be sure to use moisturisers at the same time.

- improveed skin tone
- smoothed epidermis
- increased effectiveness of simultaneously applied cosmetics
- prevention of the symptoms of skin ageing

Line ingredients:
Different cosmetics have different exfoliating ingredients, such as AHA, BHA and PHA acids, enzymes and particles. Each product works slightly differently, so choose the best one for your skin.