The anti aging line contains the active substances: retinol, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, all of which have an intensive effect on the skin. They activate regenerative mechanisms which lead to deep skin renewal and revitalisation at the cellular level.

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Anti-wrinkle soothing compress

Anti-Aging Care

medical anti aging

- deeply regenerated skin cells,
- smoothed wrinkles,
- nourished and deeply moisturised skin,
- improved elasticity and oval of the face,
- stimulated production of new collagen and hyaluronic acid,
- evened skin tone.

medical anti aging

Indications for use:
demanding mature skin, marked decrease in skin density and elasticity, all types of wrinkles, uneven skin tone.

medical anti aging

Pure Retinol is one of the most valued anti-ageing substances. It increases collagen and elastin synthesis, improves skin density and elasticity, reduces wrinkles, brightens discolourations and evens skin colour. Retinol and innovative, fat-soluble vitamin C (ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate) is a combination of extraordinary effectiveness, a perfect solution for those who expect advanced action of their cosmetics and visible improvement of the skin.
The line's medical consultant Prof. Magdalena Ciupińska, MD