Anti dark spot line products are non-comedogenic cosmetics that reduce discolorations, improve skin tone and reduce the "dull", " fatigued" look of the skin. They contain highly active substances such as tranexamic acid, melanoblocker, niacinamide, azelogilyca, carnosine, sunscreens.

The products are non-comedogenic and recommended also for sensitive skin types. They are effective in reducing skin redness in capillary complexions.


Toning cream SPF50

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Deeply brightening emulsion


Brightening cleansing gel tube

Brightening cleansing gel


MEDICAL Anti Dark Spot

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- brightening of discolorations (both brown and red)
- even skin tone
- better hydrated, brighter and younger
- looking skin
- protection of skin against discoloration, premature aging and polluted environment

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Indications for use:
- melasma-type discolorations (darker skin pigmentation on cheeks, forehead, upper lip, chin)
- fresh post-acne discoloration
- uneven, "fatigued" skin tone

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Tranexamic acid is an amino acid with unique activity that brightens both brown discoloration (such as melasma) and red pigmentation (fresh post-acne). It moisturizes, improves the tone of all skin types, including those with dilated blood vessels.